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Born in Milan, Italy I started following my father footsteps into the world of racing at 6 years old - he was Technical director in Ferrari first, and Alfa Romeo after, Formula One teams.

For years, during my school summer vacations, I travelled all over Europe to see the best Formula 1 Races and I was amazed by the mechanical, performances and design aspect of those cars… till it was time to start racing myself at age of 12.

After 10 years of successful racing I turned my attention to the fashion industry, where I learned more about style and design.

I worked with the biggest brands in fashion as consultant, then I moved in the US where I opened my production company and I continued working as an executive producer. 

But my passion for engines, cars and motorcycles was still burning in me, and it led me to start, in late 2013, Perfekt Speed Shop, a place to realize my dream and that of others. 

I’m always interested and greatly attracted to the aesthetics of classic bikes, good taste and refinement of brands like Triumph, Ducati and BMW among others. 

Influenced by my young racing years and my fashion eye, when building a new bike I try to combine style and performance, keeping in mind that each new creation has to be unique and exclusive. 

I care for detail and seek harmony in curves and forms, in the spirit of the original bike. 

Therefore, working with the client on the design is fundamental for me, so that their needs along with our particular style meet their expectations.

Dario Callegher